Friday, March 1, 2013

In the Footsteps of Dali....Day 3: Banyuls to Port Bou

After yesterday's sunshine the day was overcast and uncomfortable; not helped of course by a developing cold that would dog me for the rest of my time in Spain. 

So when we reached Port Bou and feeling like a glass or two of the local wine, we were delighted to find the shops stocked not only bottles, but wine for purchase by the litre or whatever the size of your container happened to be. And the price was very modest - about 2 to 4 euros a litre. A visit to the local supermarket meant we had wonderful cheeses to go with the wine. It was then time for reflection of our day before a tasty paella for dinner. 

Not only had the day been overcast, but the mountains through which we had walked from Collioure were now topped with snow. 

How lucky we were to have completed our days walking's as the temperature was certainly going down.  

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  1. Fabulous depth and distance in that second shot Rae.