Friday, March 15, 2013

Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

Part of our "Tour de Dali" was to go from New York where by way, the Dali paintings that we had planned see had gone to the Centre Pompidou exhibition in Paris, then onto the Dali Museum in St Petersberg, Florida. 

Planning how to get to St Petersburg was the next challenge along with seeing a few attractions along the way.

Like many little kids, it had always been my dream to go the Disneyland. Well as a big kid we were going through Orlando so here was my opportunity. 

There is nothing like having a horse drawn carriage pull up next to you, the people jump out and then break into dance to foot tapping music. A real treat and the Fantasyland Castle in the background made it just that more magical.

Between the Disneyland Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios Theme Parks there was much to see and many rides to enjoy along the way. A fab day. 

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  1. Quite a tour Rae... I'm enjoying the armchair version through your superb camera skills.