Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Light on the River Seine

When we first arrived in Paris, despite the rain, we were able to walk along the roadway next to the River Seine and enjoy some of the beautiful winter light.

It did not take long though before the swiftly flowing Seine had risen over its banks. By the time we left for Madrid last Friday, the waters had started to subside again and the road and walkways had come back into view. 


  1. The Seine was unusualy very hight...
    Look at my post :
    I hope you'd spend good time in Paris,
    Best regards from France,


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  3. Oh my Rae. This is a beautiful photograph. It should be framed an mounted in prime position. I am envious not only because it is a beautiful photograph but of the holiday that you are enjoying. It will be my turn soon.

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