Thursday, February 28, 2013

Footsteps of Dali.... Day 2

The church spire and shape at Collioure is famous, amongst others, for inspiring Dali. Before heading out for the surrounding countryside, we walked around the church and took time to appreciate the scenery along the coastline. 

And walk out along the breakwater....

To take in the view of the town resting in the early morning light.

Then it was time to leave beautiful Collioure and start our climb up the surrounding hillsides.

Of course one of the most difficult parts of any walk is finding your way out of town. After a few false starts, we were finally on track for the day.

Whilst the first part of the walk was mainly through scrub, woodlands and the still exploited cork trees, the weather was cool but pleasant and there were beautiful views along the way. Wonderful!

Our trip notes were something like this...." After the second vineyard that you will skirt to the right you will find this path again on the ridge, slightly to your left. The path skirts twice a new electric fence and a new track.....Take this path (due south) - we did have the necessary compass - towards a house. When you have reached the courtyard, go over a chain that is there to stop vehicles and continue on the flat, along the path up the Col de Taillefer." And so it went. 

These instructions were precious. We could not afford to lose them or to have them blow away. There was a word warning in our trip notes about the Tramontane - a strong wind - but it would not trouble us today. 


  1. Wow Rae what an amazing trip. The last photo is terrific. Hang on to those travel notes.

  2. Looks like a great place to walk but I don't think I would manage the instructions.

  3. Wow wow wow - amazing and beautiful shots!

  4. Hi

    I live in Perth & did this walk in December 2011 , it was not too hard walking but navigation very challenging what track was I meant to be on. One day I walked along coast/ beach path . I found the walking took me a lot more time as had to keep trying to make sense of the walking notes & on many an occasion walk back to the definite landmark. I saw no one in the hills & only tiem I knew I exactly where i was when telstra sms me for at the trig point for Spain France border.

    there has been a lot or rain and may of the paths tracks as washed away - I actually crawled one day on a section with much internal chatter about being an idiot....

    did you with utracks or self organised? Deb