Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dali Exhibition at Centre Georges-Pompidou

The Centre Georges-Pompidou is within easy walking distance of where we are staying in Paris and we have finally made it to the Dali exhibition - not just once but twice. 

The artwork above is in the square next to the Centre and the photo below is of the crowd starting to build up before the museum doors opened. We had already booked our tickets so we were able to get into the Centre and out of the cold quite easily. By the time we came out four hours later, it was quite a different story!

It is an amazing exhibition of Dali's work and an opportunity to see works from museums across the world including some we will be going to in Spain and the USA. 


  1. Ahh, we saw this walking to the Louvre in Paris in October, I need to get back and spend... Maybe 6 months (?) just to soak up more of the art and everything else that makes Paris a fabulous destination... Looking at all your beautiful pics, love the bridge with the locks too, everywhere you seem to look was a visual delight... You have captured it perfectly... And the macaroons... Mmmmm!