Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shimmer in East Perth

It's ages since I have been to Claisebrook Cove in East Perth. So it was not until today that I came across this new public art installation on the banks of the cove. 

I love sculpture - walking around an installation to get a sense of the piece and in this case, lying down on the grass and looking up into the work. 

On a nearby plaque Shimmer is described thus: Shimmer amplifies and celebrates the transitory qualities of this place. In today's light breeze the form moved gently as the sunlight reflected beautifully from its surface. Wonderful.

Artists for this interesting piece were Jurek Wybraniec and Stephen Neille.  

And to get a different perspective, a shot below of the installation in its urban setting. Unfortunately, there is still much construction work going on nearby that detracts from this recently acquired artwork. 


  1. Your shots take the artwork to a new level.

  2. Quite an amazing artwork Rae. The artist has certainly turned a hard metal into a very fluid form.

  3. Sinuous and shimmery. Through your photos it's easy to imagine the visual as well as physical impact it has on the site.

  4. Hi Rae,

    I am writing an article on Shimmer and I wonder if I could use one or two of your shots? Could you please give me a call on 9226 2122 to let me know?