Monday, September 3, 2012

Visiting Pitlochry, Scotland

After a long day's drive the previous day, it was time to take things easy. And that is just what we did enjoying an easy day's drive from Blair Atholl to Pitlochry visiting the Power Station Dam. In early summer, wild salmon leap up the ladder built here into the dam on their way to spawning grounds.

As it turned out, it was one of the warmest days that we have had during our time in Scotland. Wonderful to put away the raincoats and enjoy the autumn sunshine.

And the contrasting countryside on our return journey to Blair Atholl.


  1. I was just thinking that that river looks like it would be good for fishing when I read your comment that Salmon jump up the ladder. Bring me a net someone quick.

  2. Scotland has some of the best countryside scenery in the world I think Rae, you just have to be lucky to catch it on a good day like this.