Friday, September 14, 2012

Temple Wood

Kilmartin Glen is a beautiful area with a rich archaeological landscape. Within six miles of the village of Kilmartin, over 350 prehistoric and historic monuments have been identified. Cairns, standing stones and rock art attest to the Glen's significance. 

According to an informative book In the Footsteps of Kings which describes walks in and around Kilmartin Glen, while the reason for stone circles has been debated at length it is generally accepted that such circles are places of ceremony where rites and rituals were performed. The first of these activities began in the area around 3,000BC to 2,900BC.  

The site, Temple Wood which is shown here apparently has both solar and lunar alignments. In the photo below, concentric circles carved into the stone are still faintly visible. It is thought Temple Wood ceased to be the focus of prehistoric people about 1000BC. 

The name, Temple Wood, for this site is from the 19th century. It was also known at the time as Half Moon Wood. 

A place of wonder and mystery. 


  1. The # of monuments, pre-historic or otherwise, with-in 6 miles of my home? - zilch! I envy Kilmartin that history.

  2. Very nice B&W. The names are very romantic and magical, too. I have small pebble cairns all over my window sills. Love the idea.

  3. Great picture indeed. Thank you for this interesting journey. Please have a good weekend.

  4. You have created a wonderful atmosphere in this shot Rae. Great choice to go with Black and White. I've been a bit quiet of late as I have been on holidays. Just returned and posting some of my holiday photos over at my blog now. It is nice to catch up on your images.