Wednesday, August 29, 2012

View Over Edinburgh From Arthur's Seat

We have now travelled on from Leeds to Scotland and will be staying a short time in Edinburgh. As the weather cleared yesterday it gave us the opportunity to enjoy a sunny walk up to Arthur's Seat for a view over the city. 

Arthur's Seat is in Holyrood Park. Holyrood means "holy cross" and is so named due to the vision David 1 had after he had been knocked from his horse by a stag while out hunting. According to legend, a cross miraculously appeared in his hands to ward off the attacking animal and in thanksgiving, the king founded the Abbey of the Holy Cross, Holyrood Abbey.

The edge of the Salisbury Crags are shown here in the mid photo with a part of Edinburgh in the background. 


  1. Great view, great pic! It gets mentioned the odd time in Ian Rankin's books - now I know!