Thursday, August 23, 2012

Morning Walk from the Thames Path

My morning walk has been to go down past The Trout (made famous by the Inspector Morse series) to the Thames Path shown above passing beautiful gardens and this community veggie patch along the way. 

The view to the local pub, The Plough, across the canal.

Many times I have been entranced by scenes of horses passing and cows grazing so close to housing. But it seems to all work together here. The photo below is of the common ground near the The Plough where we have had many enjoyable meals.

St Peter's Church is close to where we are staying in Oxford. Thankfully work is currently being undertaken to restore the building although for most of the grave stones the original inscriptions have been lost. 


  1. I love that amazing looking garden.

  2. Both a remarkable and pleasant walk! So many varied images.

  3. Ruins fascinate me Rae. I remember being up in the Yorkshire Dales and discovering an abandoned building with high arched windows overgrown by shrubbery. It was possibly a church. It seemed totally isolated and unwanted. Makes my imagination run wild with the people and events which occurred in the past and what caused it to become abandoned.

  4. The vegie garden brings back memory of my uni days. I used to keep one with all sorts of annals and bi-annals. Hope you enjoy your time in this wonderful country :)

  5. These community veggie patches are known as "allotments" in the UK. Anyone can have one - they are rented from the local council for a nominal fee. As well as plants (mostly veggies) certain types of animals are allowed too: often you'll see chickens. Allotments were in the news this week - one holder had planted too many fruit trees on his and the council wanted to remove them. The do's and don'ts are all in the rules and regulations!