Sunday, August 19, 2012

In the Gardens of Trinity College, Oxford

Trinity College was founded in 1555 by Sir Thomas Pope and his wife Lady Elizabeth Pope. According to a College brochure, the gardens have been an important part of the college community with the character of the gardens changing throughout Trinity's history in line with changing tastes and movements in garden design. 

In the 16th century open parkland featuring elm predominated. In the 18th century the garden became more formal with geometric patterned paths, a maze and yew hedges cut to resemble panelling. 

In 1713, the Park Road ornamental gates were added, the design based purely as a viewpoint from which to admire the Garden Quad.

From the mid 19th century the main area has open wide lawns and borders. 

Visiting the gardens today gives as much pleasure as I am sure in centuries long past. Providing a haven from the hustle and bustle outside the college gates there is the opportunity to relax in these beautiful surrounds and to soak in the historic atmosphere.


  1. Magnificent photographs. So lush and green. The first one is my favourite. What course to ave to enroll in to stay here?

  2. There is a trinity college in melbourne too. There seems to be a lot of green in both campuses. So much history in this campus.

  3. Excellent photos. It's nice when the sun comes out!