Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fountains Abbey, North Yorshire

Fountains Abbey is the most magnificent place that I have been to so far during my time in England. A World heritage site, the Abbey was founded in 1132 when thirteen monks came to the North Yorkshire valley. It went onto became one of the richest in Europe.

Exploring the history is a treat. Despite the  dissolution of the monasteries by King Henry VIII, the mill has been in continuous use for 850 years and now houses displays of its history and use. A remarkable story of a building's survival.

At the other end of the valley is the Studley Royal, a spectacular water garden created in the 1700s.

A wonderful place to visit, I could have spent the entire day in this photographic paradise.

To read more about the history of Fountains Abbey, click here.


  1. This is a magnificent place Rae. I'm very excited to see it on your blog. I visited here some 16 years ag and remember being in awe. We had a picnic next to the stream and could see the fish beneath the surface. It was very still when we were there until a group of students dressed as monks solemnly glided through the ruins. Your photos make it seem like yesterday. How lucky!

  2. This place is so full of wonder. Dig the last shot. It feels like in an ancient relic site.

    Really love the last 3 photographs. You have shown beauty.

  3. What a great place Rae. Beautiful shots.

  4. Photographic paradise indeed! I may not have known the name, but the abbey ruins pictures I certainly recognize.

  5. What a photographers delight Rae ... and oh! so green

  6. Your so lucky to have seen it in person.