Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Day of Rainbows

It has been a day of rainbows. I cannot recall seeing so many during a day including one that looked like it was touching the ground along it's full length...... a sight I have not seen before. 

With the rainbows came some welcomed and much needed winter rains. Just 30 millimetres of rain were received last month - well below the 170 millimetres average. Thus this July was the driest for over 100 years.

Fortunately desalination plants are able to provide for Perth's water needs. Here's hoping that during this month there will be many more rainbows and rainy days. 


  1. Amazing colors - gorgeous rainbow!

    :-) Dorthe

  2. A wonderful image of this rainbow Rae. With so many rainbows about I hope someone found the pot of gold at the end.

  3. Can you believe I didn't see one of those rainbows Rae haha! This one is a beauty, as you say, so low to the ground. How gorgeous do the colours look diffusing into the clouds like that.