Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fog Lifting Over Perth

I was certainly glad when my flight from Sydney landed in Perth last night.  Despite wet and some windy conditions at Perth Airport and delays caused by planes taking off later than scheduled, at least I was home. 

Those travelling later in the night and this morning were not so lucky. With thick fog enveloping Perth airport, about sixty planes were either delayed or diverted to other airports. Some travellers arriving from international destinations found themselves touching down in Melbourne, Alice Springs or other destinations able to accommodate larger jets.  

Even mid morning when this photo was taken the fog was still lifting over Perth. Taken from Bold Park in City Beach visibility of the Darling Ranges remained limited despite the sun shining through on an otherwise pleasant winter's day in "The West". 


  1. One of my favourite viewpoints, glad you arrived back safely Rae, I heard about all the probs at the airport this morning.

  2. Welcome back home, Rae. Nothing worse than having one's flight diverted after a long trip...