Monday, July 23, 2012

A Postcard from Sydney

We had expected there would a little drizzle but not the steady and sometimes heavy rain that we had at Red Gully Wines in Nannup today. It was definitely not a day to get out and about with a camera in-between the vine pruning.

There was time though to go through some of the photos on the laptop I take with me when travelling. So here is a postcard this time from an unexpected place - the Pool of Reflection at the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park Sydney.

Let's hope that tomorrow sees the sun peeping through long enough for us to work up amongst the vines without getting totally wet through.  


  1. This is very nice. Last night I actually dream I was in Sydney. ;)

  2. A really nice one, I must say. Thank you for sharing. It´s a great picture to finish a tough monday.

  3. Lovely symmetrical composition in this, Rae.

  4. Wonderful picture indeed.

    Please have a good Tuesday.