Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Postcard From Nannup

We are back at our Nannup vineyard, Red Gully Wines to spend a few days pruning. It takes about 40 days to hand prune our vines and already about half of the work has been completed. So much remains to be done and tomorrow will another day working amongst the vines. 

The above photo was taken in the Nannup township which has a strong connection with the timber industry. As we cross the Blackwood River and come into Nannup, the installation Against the Forest Wall by Bob Clarke welcomes visitors to the town. 

If you are interested in seeing previous posts of Nannup and our vineyard, click on the Nannup tab below. 


  1. It's a lovely installation. Your vineyard chores certainly are time consuming, and I assume that you have least I hope so!

  2. We spent a couple of days in Nannup in July 2010, stayed in a charming cottage and really loved the place. Good luck with the winery.

  3. Thank you for your comments and I will certainly be out there Kate. Thanks also for your good wishes Sami. As it turned out, the rain started as a light drizzle this morning and is now falling steadily. There is lots of work to do inside the house with some changes we are making, but let's hope that tomorrow will mean clear or at least clearer skies so we can get up into the vineyard without the possibility of catching a dreadful cold along the way.

  4. Nice tribute to the pioneering families of the area.