Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wild Weather in the West Today

Severe weather warnings did not dampen our spirits as a large group of party goers left the city for Dwellingup, a couple of hours drive south of Perth, to surprise Helen and join with her in celebrating a special birthday milestone. 

Taking up the front carriage we enjoyed a Hotham Valley stream train ride before the fun and birthday celebrations continued over a sumptuous lunch at a local winery while the storm raged outside. It was then back on the bus for the return trip to Perth although as you can see, there was a tree or two to be missed as we made out way back home. Despite the weather, it has been a fabulous day. 

Happy Birthday Helen and may there be many more! 


  1. The photo of the train is great and did you help clear the road? A memorable occasion and an exciting day it seems!

  2. oh ! glad everything seems to have gone well though. Calm summer over here. Please have a kind new week ahead.

  3. The second photo is really dramatic. I hope no one was hurt.

  4. Fabulous top image Rae, looks so good with the steam and bright colours of the train. Unbelievable to think the wind was strong enough to uproot big trees like this hey!