Saturday, June 9, 2012

Players Wanted

Overcast today and all is quiet at the Fremantle Bowling Club. I presume that bowls is in recess for the winter months. A while ago now I thought that I would give bowls a go; after all everyone that I knew who plays regularly really does rave about the game and I was interested in doing something new. So I took on a season of corporate bowls but it turned out not to be a sport that I was excited about. Still if nothing ventured......At least I have crossed it off my "want to try" list.  

However, if it you think bowls is for you and you are down Freo way, I am sure this Club would be interested in you fronting up to the clubhouse for a yarn about joining.  


  1. I wonder if the sport exists in Sweden. I have seen in on Eurosport a few times.

  2. Lovely picture. I don't bowl so well.