Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Than a Water Tower

Arising early, I had hoped to capture a stunning sunrise over Perth - just like those of the past few mornings. However it was not to be as the sun rose to gently lighten up the morning sky and herald in the new day. 

Nevertheless, it was the first time I have noticed the numerous mobile transmitters on this water tower near Bold Park in City Beach. Quite a contrast to the natural bush surrounds. I have no idea when the transmitters first started to appear on the tower's rim, but it is certainly starting to look full at the top.  


  1. It certainly is getting crowded up there Rae, have you seen the tower just over from Karrinyup lately, it's crazy busy up there!!

  2. I definitely changes the character of the tower.

  3. Looks more interesting than the fake tree looking thing we have.

  4. I guess this is part of the price we pay for our need to communicate. They are everywhere. I've often seen the on church spires. I guess it's one way the church can obtain an income.

  5. Must be a sweet spot

    In Siena, in the street that runs above Il Campo (di Sotto, probably), there is a particular gutter. Later in the evening, perhaps from 9pm onwards, teenage bums would squat along this gutter with their laptops (in the days prior to tablets, there was such a time as you may recall), madly typing away and chatting in a myriad of languages, swigging from clandestine bottles, chiaking each other about mothers ... da da ... there are reception sweet spots in the wierdest of places.

    Note: no idea how to spell a word in there ... you can see the one ... chiak ... shyack ... cannot even google it ...