Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Down at Fremantle Ports

It has been ages since I have been to South Mole and even longer since I have watched a powerful ship glide gently through the harbour waters into Fremantle's port. 

As a child I enjoyed visits to Fremantle harbour to watch ships and boats of all sizes come into port. The atmosphere was buzzing; crowds gathered and cars lined the roadway taking every available parking space on the North and South Moles of the harbour. Those fishing from the moles for their daily catch always had a tale to tell - the one that got away, the one that did not, the comparison of the size of their catch with last time, what was running, what was not.  They also had pride of place to see the passing parade on the water. 

Today it was nowhere near as busy. The weather was mild for a winter's day and the wind blew, but not too much. It was pleasant to wait and watch as this ship entered the harbour and the tug boat crew skilfully manoeuvred the ship comfortably into its berth. 


  1. I love this sort of places. Thank you Rae.

  2. Beautifully composed Rae, love the rusty old thick chain in the foreground. I must say the same, it's been ages since I've just gone out on the mole and just sat for a while observing. Now that the weather is getting a bit 'moodier' it sounds like a plan.

  3. I know that I would enjoy this place as much as you apparently do. Water is part of the DNA for some of us.