Friday, May 4, 2012

Taking the Lift at MCA

The glass and mirror walled lift at MCA creates it's own work of art bringing a new perspective to this well photographed area. What a fascinating way to see the earthworks currently outside the old MCA building. The top pic is from Level 1.

Then oops! Pressed the wrong button and it was down to ground level instead of up to the cafe.

Finally, up....

And up.....

A great ride and a fabulous view. The mirrors on the opposite walls inside the lift reflect off each other creating a work of art as the image continues to reflect into infinity. Photo opportunities for another visit at another time. 


  1. Thanks for these amazing photos. I just love the surreal effect of the mirrors.

  2. No time to fiddle-faddle with settings and mularky of that nature!!

  3. Looks like a bomb site, out the front.

  4. Very impressive views with perfect reflections.

  5. I took a double take on the first one before I realised there was a reflection. Interesting photos Rae.

  6. Makes for a very interesting set, Rae. Happy travels!