Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Inland View from Reabold Hill

Brilliant autumn weather in Perth today. Could it be that winter is just around the corner. Well the colder nights may tell us Perthites that it's all about to change although at the moment I am not so sure. This pic is taken from the boardwalk at the top of Reabold Hill and gives an idea of the day. Much of the cloud shown here is smoke haze from a fire that seemed to be close to the Darling Ranges that hug the Perth Coastal Plain. 

Reabold Hill is the highest natural point on the Perth metropolitan coastal plain with views to the Indian Ocean and inland to Perth City and the ranges beyond. It's also a great spot for fitness training and is especially attractive to bike riders who relish the challenge of the steep gradient (there were a few huffing and puffing past me tonight as I walked back from the hill summit). The walks through the surrounding bushland are  also enjoyable and especially so as this area is close to the city.

Despite living close by, I have only recently looked into some of the history of the area. Just down from the hill summit is a quarry which, along with a lime burning business, was initially established by Henry Trigg in 1834. In 1847, Walter Padbury purchased the land from Trigg and the holding became known as Limekilns Estate. It was used for livestock as well as abattoirs, stockyards, a tannery and other associated activities. Hard to believe now given the closeness of the location to the capital city.  

According to The Quarry Amphitheatre website at the height of the operations, more than 50 men worked at the site. They had their own brass band and held horse racing and hunt club meetings on the flats near Perry lakes which is just below Reabold Hill.

Private quarrying ceased in 1906. 

After being disused for many decades, in the 1980s the idea to redevelop the quarry as an Amphitheatre was born. During the summer months the quarry is home of many wonderful ballets, plays and concerts. It's a fabulous venue and makes for a delightful evening with a delicious picnic hamper and excellent entertainment under the summer night skies. 


  1. What an amazing shot! Beautiful view Rae.

  2. You live in a wonderful environment.

    Please have a good Thursday.

  3. I find one of the joys of our daily photo blogs is not only taking photographs of familiar areas with fresh eyes through the camera lens but dabbling in the local history, finding the quirky tail or stumbling on a small gem of information previously unknown. Thank you for reminding me of this with this fabulous landscape shot and your research in to the quarry.