Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fremantle Doorway

In Fremantle the focus this weekend has been the Heritage Festival and tonight I enjoyed engaging theatre of a different sort when Natural Wings, an Aerial Dance Theatre group, performed John Gavin at the WA Circus School. 

The story goes that in the early hours of Easter Saturday in 1844, John Gavin became the first European to be executed in the Swan River Colony where Perth is now built. The program blurb says that " he was tried, convicted and hanged within three days and buried without ceremony in an unmarked grave in the Fremantle sandhills. He was 15 years old."

It was a superb, attention grabbing performance tonight incorporating physical theatre that utilised the apparatus at the WA Circus School venue.  

Then it was on to a wander through streets near the Roundhouse. Opened in 1831, the Roundhouse is the oldest public building in Western Australia and was built to house any person convicted of a crime in the settlement. In was also where John Gavin would have been spent his final hours.

A quite quarter of the City of Fremantle at night, the above image is of one of the buildings in Cliff Street not far from the Roundhouse.  


  1. Lamp light at the doorway .... The theatre performance sounds great Rae.

  2. Sounds like an amazing performance of a dramatic story at a stunning venue. The bold architecture and mysterious lighting is a perfect to accompany your words.