Sunday, May 20, 2012

Could He Play Me A Tune?

And he did. 
Not just for the passing parade of pedestrians
Or those seated at nearby benches.
But to enrich my day.
I could choose he said. 
"What would I like to hear? French? Italian?"
Without much hesitation, "French" I said. 
And the music wafted across the sun decked mall.  

Saturday at the Fremantle Town Hall 


  1. I haven't heard nor seen anyone play this instrument in a long time. Great close-up

  2. Love this shot... I like that you got in tight for the shot!

  3. How nice! I can hear it because of your lovely photo.

  4. French music on the accordian! I would love to have been there Rae ...A wonderful capture with the aged hands of an obviously very talented musician.

  5. The accordion was made for French music. Wonder if he knew Valse D'Amelie?

  6. Beautiful shot Rae, I agree with all above, French music and the accordion go hand in hand.

  7. I adore this hand, it seems to me to hear the accordion