Saturday, May 12, 2012

Castaway Sculpture Awards 2012: Origins

You might be thinking "Now, what is this?" The exciting feature of the City of Rockingham Castaway Sculpture Awards is that it celebrates innovation in art practice through the creative use of recycled materials. Whilst the awards opened officially today I took the opportunity to visit yesterday ahead of the weekend crowds.

The above sculpture titled Origins was entered by Challenger Institute of Technology Sculpture Students. Created from recycled woollen blankets, it was an attention catching form on the waterfront. 

The installations extended from the cafes, across the beach and into the sea and the weather has been just perfect so far for the awards.

I am looking forward to finding out the Castaway Sculpture Award winner which was announced at the official opening this afternoon and will have this information in further posts about the awards.

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend. 


  1. The second piece is really great. Wonderful where alike is possible. Please have a good Sunday.

  2. Amazing artworks Rae ... Love those jewelled sea shells by the sea-shore.

  3. The creative mind never ceases to amaze me, Rae. Lovely looking weather for this festival.

  4. Both these pieces would make me stop. In fact the first one might have ready to dial 000.

  5. How fabulous! Imaginative and beautiful in a a beach setting.

  6. Love the Nespresso art! Creative and fun!