Sunday, May 13, 2012

Castaway Sculpture Awards 2012: Press to Exit

It has been a few weeks since I was last able to catch up with sculptor Toby Bell. As a matter of fact it was at our Soiree of the Senses mixing art, sculptor and of course our wonderful wines in the garden of artist Ian de Souza. At the time, Toby was totally immersed in working on his new sculpture for the Castaways Sculpture Awards. And now I know why.

Fortunately Toby's sculpture Press to Exit is able to be dismantled into four parts otherwise it would certainly have been a challenge getting it out through his studio doorway.  

Not being technically minded I cannot recall the details of the complex formwork that underpins this sculpture other than to say it certainly sounded like it was a design challenge.

I must admit that despite Toby's warnings that it would be at my own risk and the obvious work of mice in having chewed through the pipes connecting to the press to exit button, I was very tempted to give the button a test press just to see what would happen! 

Congrats to Toby (left below) with his assistant Josh just after they had completed the installation of Press to Exit


  1. Great shot and wonderful piece Rae!

  2. Loved this and the last post Rae, very unique sculptures, your friend Toby has an amazing imagination. I bet there will be many people tempted to press that red button!!

  3. Interesting ideas and their interpretation. Sincerely, Peter.

  4. That red button is just too tempting.