Monday, May 14, 2012

Browsing in South Terrace

Enjoying a good coffee in the company of wonderful art loving friends I travelled with in Maine last year was also an opportunity to concoct plans for other possible art escapades. I just love exploring possibilities and whilst firm plans are yet to emerge, there was certainly no shortage of ideas. Then it was time for a stroll down South Terrace in South Fremantle where this eclectic window display in a second hand book store caught my attention. 

I love the cooler months and find it comforting to see winter hats, scarves and clothes finally claiming display space to attract the shopper's eye (and purse). And of course, along the way, finding a good book to read in the evenings is a welcomed bonus. 


  1. If I happened to pass this shop I'm certain to have popped in for a browse around and enjoyed a fossick through some of those wonderful musty old books. Olde books are like old friends.

  2. Nice one. We've certainly started to wear our winterv woollies in Melbourne.

  3. Oh I toally agree Rae, the weather the last few weeks has been divine. Excellent window reflections, I wonder of the book about Burkie would be interesting to read, he certainly is a notorious personality.