Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Balmain Markets

Mooching is what my friend and I like to do when we go to Sydney and the Saturday markets at St Andrews Congregational Church, Balmain was just the place to go. Freshly baked food led us to the old church hall where our taste buds were tantalised by aromas. Stalls with arts, fashion, jewellery, home items and old wares provided opportunities to shop for gifts or small keepsakes such as the 1920s bracelet I eventually decided I just "had to have". 

And here is my bracelet specially wrapped with lace!

The first of the month is a Theme Day for City Daily Photo. The theme for this month is Bakeries. 
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  1. The choices are all wonderful yet I think I'd opt for the food!

  2. These are great Rae, love them, beautiful details.

  3. Love this take on the theme Rae, so much more than just a bakery.