Saturday, May 26, 2012

Autumn at Fremantle Art Centre

I have been enjoying a photographic course on Saturday mornings over the last few weeks in the old Fremantle Art Centre building. Built in 1864 the building has had a fascinating history. It started out as the Convict Establishment Lunatic Asylum and Invalid Depot but has also been a Women's Home, used for World War 2 purposes, a Technical School and most recently as an Art Centre. Fortunately the intervention of the Fremantle Mayor in 1958 meant the planned demolition did not happen and the building was restored for it's current purpose.

Activity spaces, art exhibitions and gallery, artists' studios, cafe and a rather funky shop make it an attractive place to visit or as I was doing today, enjoying relaxing in the grounds after our morning session. 


  1. Bright as a sun.

    Please have a good Sunday.

  2. For me the striking feature of this photo is colour. The gold leaves blended with the sandstone bricks draws me in.

  3. Autumn is such a lovely time of year.