Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Walk Through the Bush

Two boundaries on the vineyard back directly onto bush reserves. While I like to watch the morning light filtering through the trees from the comfort of the house, it is usually not long before I take a walk over to the fence and out into the bush. It's always an exploration I enjoy. 

This time I had brought some watercolour paints down with me hoping I would find time for a little outdoor painting. No such luck, but at least I had time to meander. 

I seemed to hear so many more birds chirping, twittering, crowing - calling to each other as they moved through the bush. Such a delight and at the same time a poignant reminder of how many bird sounds I now no longer hear in my city life.  


  1. "Into the wild..."
    Best regards from Paris,


  2. Much missed over here such nature. Please have a good Friday.

  3. This looks like a great place for a walk; calm and peaceful except for the sounds of nature.

  4. Beautiful light and shade in this pic Rae .... It looks like a McCubbin painting

  5. The good thing is Rae that when you do get time for some painting, you'll have this gorgeous image to use for inspiration.

  6. Makes me think of summer, this one. Although I guess it was taken in your Autumn..