Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Memorial to Royal Australian Navy Corvettes World War 2

Yesterday afternoon I went back to Monument Hill in Fremantle partly because the sun was golden and I wanted to see the view from the hill in this light, partly because I was  wondering about the preparations for Anzac Day and also to see how visible the American warship USS Carl Vinson would be from this prime location. 

I had been at the memorial in the morning when it was very quiet. But now it was a hive of activity as preparations were finalised for Anzac Day. I also noticed these beautiful flowers that had been placed on the memorial dedicated to the World War 11 Royal Australian Navy Corvettes. It was whilst taking some photos that I meet the wonderful couple who had placed the flowers at the base of the memorial. He had served in the Corvettes in World War 11 and shared some stories of his experiences. I do not now their names but I am honoured to have meet them both.  

Lest we forget

The USS Carl Vinson is in the distance framed by the cranes at Fremantle port. 


  1. It is important to honor those who served or died during a military conflict. I recall seeing the movie, Gallipoli, many years ago, and I'll have to do some research now to refresh my memory.

  2. It's a great pic but may I suggest you alter the title of the post so as not to read World War Eleven ;-)

  3. The light in this shot is fantastic. Great tribute.

  4. Thank you for your comment Geoff. I took the format of the wording for World War 11 from the memorial itself. But agree that it can be misleading and have taken up your suggestion.