Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Little Bit of Charm in Quarry Street Fremantle

It is about two weeks ago now when I came across this old Fremantle building while walking down Quarry Street one evening. This morning with a little time to spare I  dropped by to see the streetscape during daylight. 

From the sign over the doorway, in its heyday this building had at least one use that we know of - as a shop for locals to go to purchase their ales, wines and spirits. Today it has moved along with the real estate values of these times and is tenanted. The building's old world character adds to the charm of Quarry Street. While standing in the street cranes from Fremantle harbour can just be glimpsed above the roofline. It must make for an interesting view from this second story window.  

The building is a stark contrast to the more industrial looking units across the street although the second hand bookshop across the road did look like a good reason to return when I was not in a hurry and could browse the shelves.