Monday, April 23, 2012

An Evening to Celebrate the Senses

Australian artist Ian de Souza's Fremantle studio has attracted much interest both nationally and internationally. The beautiful garden studio is also where I am fortunate to be able to go to each Tuesday night for Life Drawing - about two and a half hours sketching a model's poses for one, two, five maybe ten minutes. About half way through the evening we enjoy a relaxing break at the long table shown above which has mining cart wheels and is set onto rail tracks. 

Constructed from "pre-loved" materials - an old railway carriage, recycled bricks and timber this indoor-outdoor space was the venue of our Soiree of the Senses on Sunday.

Ian is standing by the fire and you can get a peek of some of his artworks on the walls. If you would like to know more about his studio and artwork click here.

Sculptor Toby Bell was also at the Soiree to share the delights and pitfalls of constructing his sculpture Caliban which was featured in this year's Sculpture by the Sea held at Cottesloe Beach.  Shown below he is giving a fascinating demonstration of how he went about constructing such a large work.

The garden studio has something in every corner to delight the senses. 

It was a wonderful evening but eventually it was time to leave. Minnie came to to see us off.


  1. A colorful environment to work in Rae .....definitely a place that inspires

  2. Looks like a fascinating place Rae.

  3. This would definitely be a space to inspire artistic endeavors Rae. I remember well the Caliban sculpture, it was so huge and I did wonder at the time how the sculptor went about creating on such a massive scale.

  4. I have been looking through your recent posts and your photos are wonderful. I love the children on the climbing wall and the rainbow is spectacular.

    This artistic space is just delightful and must increase creativity by its very aura.