Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Silhouette

Yesterday evening I went out to see what sort of shot I could get of the Easter moon through the trees. As it turned out, the setting sun together with the silhouette of the trees just above the vineyard took my attention instead. 

It's wonderful to have this contrast of life in the city. Yesterday Ken worked hard at getting some of the extension work done on the house and this morning he and a mate are out pulling in the remaining nets still on the vines. 

On the agenda for me is the varnishing of the wooden kitchen floor. At the moment though I am enjoying the morning sun on the deck being continually nudged by our ball mad dog Elvis to throw the little piece of the ball that has not been chewed for him to fetch. 

It certainly is a wonderfully relaxing Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter Sunday to you also. 


  1. Tremendous photograph. It has a majesty about it. A crown of trees on the horizon. Bravo.

  2. Beautifully silhouetted trees .... In the soft evening light. Sounds like you are having a lovely Easter Rae.

  3. a dream.

    please have a good new week ahead.

  4. A very simple but very effective image, Rae. When do we get to see Elvis??