Saturday, March 31, 2012

View from the Backyard Fence

About midday Thursday I saw a small amount of smoke indicating a fire in the area. It didn't seem that it would become a large blaze. But by late afternoon, the situation had changed. Driving home that afternoon I could see the darkening fire cloud. Smoke pervaded the air. 

It was not a welcoming scene over the backyard fence. 

Helicopters seemed to be everywhere - some flying overhead and on into the billowing smoke to drop water onto the blaze that was being fanned by the westerly winds from over the ocean. It didn't take long for the surrounding roads to be blocked as emergency services went into full action. 

Fortunately this fire was contained and eventually brought under control but some 12 hectares in Bold Park,  Mt Claremont were burnt in the blaze


  1. Great photo. So glad to hear the fire was brought under control.

  2. oh ! might be less than two months over here until first fires should start ... please have a good new month and week ahead.