Friday, March 2, 2012

Under the Traffic Bridge at Freo

With the number of people I often see fishing from the pylons of the Fremantle Bridge I have always thought that it must be a good fishing spot for the locals. And if the fish are not biting, it would certainly be an interesting location from which to watch the comings and goings of the port. But I have always wondered about how people were able to get out onto the pylons. So today, I decided to take the time to investigate. As it turns out there is a walk brigade of sorts - three planks wide and most with railing. Now I must admit that I did not venture out to the end as the last part had no support. But what a gem of a find and like adventures of old, wonderful to see that access remained open to the public. What an unusual location it would have been from which to watch the Queen Mary 11 coming into port! Well that could be a possibility for another time.


  1. Oh you went out further than me Rae, I was there a while back and took a look at 'the plank' and just went Nup! can't do it, but you're so right it would be a fantastic spot to watch boats coming in and out.

  2. Excellent! I am glad you took the time to find out.

  3. A symphony of shades of blue within this photograph.