Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Safe Planet

Yesterday there was time to drive over to see our winemaker, James at Thompson Estate. It also gave me an opportunity to see the winery and the sculptures in the grounds and Cellar Door.

Safe Planet by Rodney Kevin Laws is near the entrance to the Cellar Doors. From what I have been able to read, Laws was inspired to experiment creatively with metal after he inherited his late father's anvil as a teenager. A move to the country gave him the opportunity to pursue this creativity through the passionate expression for his love of nature and the human mind. 

While gathering charcoal from forest fires to fire his forge, Laws collects materials he comes across, recycling these to create sculptures and wonder from our waste. 

The door on Laws' Safe Planet does open and you can look inside.  You can also spin the dial. I wonder where it would land and what could be the key.


  1. This is wonderful! Love that piece.

  2. Haha! there's some interesting choices on that dial Rae!!