Monday, March 26, 2012

Perth City Link

I am always taken in by the comings and goings on construction sites in what I can only figure must be the influence of the engineers in the family over many years. 

Today after a meeting in Perth, I had time to take in some of the many exciting changes in the city. Crossing over the Horseshoe Bridge gave a wonderful view into progress in construction of the Perth City Link. The project involves sinking of the central city section of the Perth to Fremantle railway line and the construction of a new railway platform. The estimated cost of the project is $360m and it is due for completion by mid 2014.

As a traveller on the Perth Fremantle railway line, I am keenly interested in how it all turns out and anticipate that linking Northbridge and central Perth business districts will open up many more possibilities for development for businesses, city dwellers and visitors like me to the city. 


  1. A wonderful mish-mash of light and shade in this pic Rae.

  2. A promise in the making. Great picture indeed. Please have a good Tuesday.

  3. It's going to be so interesting to see how it looks when completed Rae, I have a feeling it'll be fantastic.