Friday, March 16, 2012

At the End of a Long Day

With grape picking starting tomorrow, it was a long drive down to the vineyard this afternoon. A group of wonderful friends and keen helpers have been lifting the nets and were even able to pick a tonne a grapes before it was time to come down from the vineyard for a sausage sizzle dinner.

I was certainly glad to pull into our property tonight as the 'roos were plentiful by the roadside as well as the odd emu or two. The kangaroo roadkill was more than I have seen in a long time.

As the light was fading I was just about to arrive at the vineyard and snapped this shot before the light disappeared completely. Our farm is just over the hill.


  1. Soft evening light .... Beautiful! I hope the vendage goes well Rae

  2. I love evening light in the country but as you say you have to look for roos rather than enjoy the view.

  3. Beautiful mellow light Rae, country road driving is fairly nerve wracking, that's why i can't understand why the speed limit is so high on country roads! Good luck with the picking tomorrow.