Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wasting Your Time But Not by Very Much

Arriving at the Perth Cultural Centre a little early for a show I had time on my hands, about 20 minutes in fact. Not quite enough to go for a walk or to grab a bite to eat but certainly enough to watch the five second film shorts up on the big screen in the Centre's plaza area. With names like Creepy Hug, Irresponsible Uncle, Lady in Red, Wasting Your Time But Not by Very Much  and How to Say No (and get away with it) these punchy and thoroughly entertaining five second shorts got the message over and didn't waste time....well...... five seconds at most. 


  1. Glad you had the time to watch those!

  2. Interesting idea, Rae, that giant screen there. And as you found out, a good way to pass the time you had to spare.

  3. I have to get into the city more in the evening Rae, you find the coolest things! I love to think it's all going on there in little old Perth.