Saturday, February 18, 2012

Urbanus Female

What's this you wonder? According to the catalogue of U-Ram Choe's exhibition at Curtin University  the scientific name for this exotic flora like object is Anmopista Volaticus floris Uram. The acronym U.R.A.M. stands for the enigmatic organisation United Research of Anima Machines. Is it possible that one day there could be a new world order characterised by a benign co-existence with the Anima Machines? After all, consider for example the changes in our lives brought about by computer technology. 

The exhibition welcomes gallery visitors into an imaginative and intriguing world where machine-organisms live on urban energy. The works are mysterious yet strangely familiar. Maybe a new and different world with these alien and beautiful organisms could be a possibility after all! 

The exhibition is presented as part of the Perth International Arts Festival Visual Arts Program. 


  1. A striking image, still not too sure what urban energy is though!

  2. A captivating photo. Machine organisms - is that possible?

  3. Beautifully shown, unearthly shadows being thrown off here Rae, not too sure if I like the idea of 'machine organisms' sounds a little cold.