Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Les Studios de Cirque Place des Anges 111 - Spectacular Performance

Thousands of eyes turned skyward in St George's Terrace on Saturday night as the first feathers from Place des Anges, or Angles Square, started to slowly fall through the night sky. It was not long however before the feathery downpour escalated to what looked like a snow storm. 

Nearly twenty performers flew across the sky between office buildings releasing nearly two tonnes of feathers. Bursting from baskets, suitcases and umbrellas, the feathers created a real feathery flurry. When the Angels landed near were we were on the banks of St George's Cathedral they were embraced by excited spectators. It was about that time that the industrial blowers started, sending even more plumes into the air. Then the fun really began as the crowd delighted in playing in the feathery "snow". 

A comment on yesterday's post says it all: "What a fantastic event...certainly the most spectacular Perth International Arts Festival show I have been to ....all the people in the street were laughing and giggling...smiles all round...at the end people were gathering up feathers and throwing them up in the air and at each other...as if it had been snowing....Well done City of Perth for supporting such an event...." And ditto from me! A fabulous Festival event and such a happy gathering of people to see Place des Anges. An estimated crowd of 30,000 watched the event.


  1. It certainly does look very spectacular. I can't recall any similar festival in Melbourne. What a great occasion to put a smile on peoples faces. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Oh I wish I'd been able to see it Rae, must have been wonderful! I was in the city yesterday and there were still white feathers everywhere, looked funny! What great fun you had.