Monday, February 13, 2012

Les Studios de Cirque Place des Anges 11 - The Setting

Council House provided the dramatic backdrop for the crowds gathered in St George's Terrace, Perth for Saturday night's unforgettable performance of Place de Anges, part of the Lotterywest 2012 Perth Festival celebrations. All eyes were turned towards the wires shown below for the heavenly performance from the Angles as they glided across the heavens between Council House and St George's Cathedral leaving a trail of feathers in their wake. 


  1. Hi Rae, the photo at the top is superb. Very strong architecture, lines and colours. Top shot. Bravo.

  2. I'm excited Rae, you are building the atmosphere beautifully..I's so glad you were there, I cannot wait to see your shots tomorrow!

  3. What a fantastic event..certainly the most spectacular PIAF show I have been to...all the people in the street were laughing and giggling...smiles all round.... at the end people were gathering up feathers and throwing them in the air and at each other... as if it had been snowing.... Well done to the City of Perth for supporting such an event..