Thursday, February 2, 2012

From the Vegie Patch

The second month into 2012 and the new vegie patch has survived in the heat and is starting to produce wonderfully tasty tomatoes, basil (lots of it - I will have to make some pesto sauce soon), capsicums, an array of herbs and of course the family favourite, fresh chillies. The vegie patch is in a couple of old oak barrels that have reached the use by date for wine making and have been cut in half for the garden. It's a joy to reach into the garden for fresh vegetables. Ah for the simple life. It'll be soap making next!


  1. Sounds like your veggie garden is surviving really well Rae, it's so hard when we have these really hot periods, especially with the water restrictions we have! Love the green and vibrant red of the chillies! How fabulous is this little bit of rain, so good!

  2. Chilis seem to be popular world wide! I'd love to see those garden barrels, too! Great color combination in your photo...only nature!

  3. look very tasty, well done. also love those Mongolian horse shots.