Monday, February 6, 2012


I first learnt about plans for the sculpture a couple of years ago while attending a Winter Arts Festival choral event being held in St George's Cathedral, Perth. At the time public comment was being invited on the finalists chosen from contemporary sculpture submissions on the theme St George and the Dragon for the Cathedral Grounds. Over a mulled wine at interval consideration of the proposals made for interesting conversation. It was with great interest that I waited to see who would be commissioned to undertake the work. 

Western Australian artists Marcus Canning and Christian de Vietri competed for the project against 98 other artists from 17 countries. They were commissioned in June 2009 to undertake the brief. 

 The sculpture is named after the lance used by St George to slay the dragon and according to the St George's Cathedral website, the artwork aims to evoke a sense of righteous power and victory over a force of darkness and oppression. 

Ascalon is an amazing sculpture. It is now almost a year since the dedication of Ascalon in April 2011.  Ethereal yet powerful, walking around it's base in the evening light almost talks my breath away. 

You can read more about the story of Ascalon on the  St George's Cathedral website by clicking here


  1. What a wonderful piece Rae. Beautiful work on your shot as well. Thanks.

  2. Hmmm, I think I like it, would need to see it in person.

  3. Oh I love your view of this Rae, I did it a while back but I love the way yours is so light and ethereal, more like a real banner flowing in the wind. Beautiful images. The first and second are bliss!

  4. I agree Rae, it's a wonderful sculpture and your shots are beautiful