Monday, January 9, 2012

Workers and Barrabup Pools, Nannup

It's been a while since I have been to Workers and Barrabup Pools about 10kms out of Nannup. According to signage at Workers Pool it was on the banks of St John Brook near this pool that the first timber mill - Barrabup Mill - was set up in 1908. Steam driven trains hauled Jarrah logs from the forest to the mill and at its peak, 150 men were employed producing 30,000 super feet of timber a day. 

In an article by Neville Tanner in the January 2012 edition of the Nannup Telegraph the Barrabup townsite is described as having a post office, school, hospital, nursing home, butchers shop, bakery, store, houses, boarding house and billiard saloon. In 1925 when the mill was closed and relocated to Nannup no doubt the town moved as well. Amazing when you think of all the work needed to shift and relocate services as well as the mill. 

Workers Pool pictured above was the pool used by the workers and you guessed it, Barrabup Pool (below) which was further away from the mill was for the exclusive use of mill managers and their families. Today the area is a popular camping spot and the pools are great swimming places especially when it gets really hot and cooling off in water is just what is needed. The old knotted rope swing which used to hang from a tree at Barrabup Poll has been removed. Pity. It used to be great fun to swing out into the water. Still there was plenty of fun to be had yesterday from the jetty.  


  1. Must be two decades since last I did swim in a lake. Thank you for the memories. Great picture yesterday ! Please have you all a kind new week ahead.

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  2. No predators in those inland waters, Rae?
    It sure does look idyllic, but the history of them vs us perplexes me. I did not realise we had that so obviously here in Australia.

  3. This reminded me of a job I had at the govt printing office in the late 70s ... a big factory of 800+ mostly men at the time. Along with an assigned parking spot the other perk of the job for a person at my level was a key to the executive loo ... shame it was a men's loo ... the ladies was a day's march away through the factory

  4. Looks like the kid are having a great time. Nice reflection on the first shot too.

  5. Ah, so idyllic! Wonderful images.