Thursday, January 5, 2012

Northbridge This Evening

Northbridge is adjacent to Perth City and is undergoing a face lift. An interesting sculpture at the intersection of James and Lake Streets rises from the centre of what was once a very ordinary roundabout. A big screen has been erected in the small park area to the right and just out of view of this shot. Northbridge has had lots of ups and downs as a place to go but with many cafes well patronised tonight it's beginning to be a nice place to linger. 


  1. What a great shot Rae, have to admit Northbridge still makes me a little nervous at night, but such an interesting spot in the day.
    btw if I could have found some footage of the Dockers playing with the song I definitely would have used it. I'm not a huge footy fan, but I'm not keen on Collingwood at all, it was just that it was the best little video I could find.

  2. How peaceful everything looks.

    daily athens photo

  3. Great colors and I love that sculpture.

  4. Great clarity in this night shot.