Sunday, January 8, 2012

Afternoon Break

Away from our Nannup vineyard for a break and visiting friends staying in bushland just out of the coastal town of Dunsborough, I was surprised to be able to get so close to this doe and her joey taking an break after feeding. The doe seemed used to having people around her although I decided not to tempt fate too much as she started getting restless with me being there. Those sharp and large claws on each front leg are enough to do a lot of damage to any foe and were certainly enough to move me on quickly.


  1. The mother may appear to be resting but she looks as though she is alert and watching you. Mother's instinct to protect!

  2. I've always dreamed of seeing them in reality. They are cute.

  3. We always love, love photos of kangaroos! Lovely photo, Rae!

  4. Nice to get that close, indeed, Rae. And with a joey one would have thought her maternal instincts were on high alert ...

  5. You live in Nannup!??

    I LOVED that area my visit to Australia!!!!!!
    It's so lovely.

    I will in that area on my honeymoon end of February!