Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rolls of Gold in Fields of Green

I never seem to tire of seeing rolls of hay in paddocks and stopped for this photo just after leaving Manjimup. This year though the fields are greener than usual and the talk is that we are expecting a wet summer. Fingers crossed as rain or at least too much of it at the wrong time is not what we would want especially as it gets closer to grape harvest.   


  1. I like the lines that meander through the top of this image, Rae. I guess you are right about when to rain and when to shine, however, nature never seems to be the farmer's friend. Many rolls of hay over this way seem to be encased in light green plastic. I guess it is a way of making mush that cows like. Sileage ... took me a while to hunt the old grey cells for that word.

  2. Looks green, we too had had a heap of rain.

  3. I did hear that too Rae, when you live in the city you tend to forget the effect that unseasonal weather has on rural areas.