Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nannup Fires Aftermath

For what seems like the past decade, we have been advised that a prescribed burn will happen in the state forest that borders our vineyard. Alas, each year and for whatever reason no controlled fires have taken place. After the recent bush fires in the Nannup Shire, it does leave me a bit on edge. We have reviewed our response in case any fires reach the vineyard but depending on the wind and direction of any fire, it is possible we may only have one way to leave the farm safely. Taking a break from the farm chores we drove the 25 to 30 kms south of the vineyard to the recent Nannup bushfire area. A devastating sight. 


  1. That was a terrible fire.
    I have been meaning to ask you about your vineyard. Do you make wine or on sell the grapes? What varieties do you grow?
    I love drinking WA wines.

  2. It is devastating to see. There is a certain stark beauty to the rounded shaped tree, but at a terrible cost. Sorry to hear of this Rae.

  3. Hi Mark, thank you for your query about our wines. The majority of our wine is produced from shiraz and cabinet sauvignon grapes. We also have smaller plantings of chardonnay and merlot. Our label is Red Gully Wines and we have some fantastic vintages. If you are interested email me and I will send more information to you.

  4. Horrifying images Rae, you're so right to prepare emergency precautions.
    I will definitely look out for the Red Gully label Rae, like the sound of the chardonnay!

  5. Should think that drive to have been quite sobering, Rae. Not sure about wanting a local controlled burn. Wasn't that what Nannup was supposed to have been?

    So, have you formalised your escape route and escape procedure?

    I will look up Red Gully too ...

  6. Your blog looks great. I am going to add you to my list for regular visits.